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This is a tag-like game.

To begin, the boundaries for play are set. If in a room, the objective would be to get from one side of the room to the other. If outside, a parameter must be set. The smaller the boundaries, the harder the game.

All players begin on one side of the playing area. An octopus is selected to stand in the middle of the playing area. They can run anywhere within the playing area. When the octopus shouts “Octopus Attack!” all players must run from one side of the playing area to the other and try to avoid being tagged by the octopus. If tagged, the player must sit down where they were tagged, and become seaweed. Seaweed may tag other players, but they must do so from their place on the ground. They may stretch and reach, but they must start from a seated position. If tagged by seaweed, the tagged player also becomes seaweed in the place they were tagged.

Once the number of players dwindles to a few, the octopus may shout out “Tidal wave!” in which case all seaweed can stand up and chase players to tag them. However, they must sit where they are when the players reach the other side.

The game ends when one or two players remain, or when you are out of time.


Dragon Tail

Dragon Tail is a game that works best outside in a large open playing area with soft grass, as falling over is quite frequent.

How the game works is one person is chosen to be “it” like in tag. They stand at the front of the line, and everyone lines up behind them with their hands on the shoulders or waist of the person in front of them. They cannot let go of this person. If during the game the chain is broken, someone calls out “Broken Chain!” and everyone must freeze and get back in line to start again.

The object of the game is for the person who is “it” at the front of the line to tag the person at the end of the line, similar to chasing one’s own tail.

The game continues until out of time, tiredness, or the person at the end is successfully tagged.

The Princess Game

This game is an adaptation of a game from Norway, adapted so that it can be played with Sparks.

One person is the leader and is the queen. She stands on one end of the playing space. The other girls are the princesses and gather at the other end of the playing space. The girls who are princesses decide on an action they want to do and call to the queen that they are ready.

The queen then calls out “Come, my Princesses!” and the princesses walk up to her. They both exchange hellos, and then the queen asks, “What have you been doing?” The princesses then act out their actions like charades, and the queen tries to guess what they are doing. When the queen correctly guesses the action, the girls run back to their starting area and the queen tries to tag them.  If she tags a princess before she reaches the starting area, then the princess must join the queen and help her guess the actions and catch princesses. The game ends when there is one princess left, or you are out of time.

What Time is It, Mr. Wolf?

The girls line up against one end of the playing space and the girl who is the wolf stands at the opposite end with their back turned to the other girls. The girls call our “What Time is it Mr. Wolf?” and the wolf says and hour of the day (from one to twelve o’clock). The girls then take that many steps towards that wolf. This repeats until the wolf guesses they are close to her and she calls out “Lunch Time!” and chases after the girls who run back to the starting area. If any of them get tagged by the wolf, they join the wolf at the other end of the playing space.

Blob Tag

Blob tag is a lot like normal tag, except when a person is tagged, they hold hands with the person who is it to form a blob. Only hands on the end of the blob can tag and add people to the blob. When the blob gets too big, a leader can split the blob into two smaller blobs and the game continues. Usually, blobs are split when they reach 4 people for safety.

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