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Canadian Fun Facts for Sing Ontario Sing 2017-2018

Part of this year’s Sing Ontario Sing challenge includes researching and sharing fun facts about Canada. And seeing as the Canadian Guider issue referenced on the Guides Ontario website for this isn’t available online anywhere, I thought I’d make a list to make this process easier.

  1. Canada is the second largest country in the world. The first is Russia.
  2. Ottawa is the second coldest national capital in the world.
  3. The highest tides in the world occur in the Bay of Fundy in New Brunswick.
  4. Canada has the longest coastline of any country in the world at 243,977 km.
  5. We also share the longest international border of any country with the USA. It is also the world’s longest “unprotected” border.
  6. Montreal is the second largest French speaking city.
  7. The longest highway in the world is the Trans-Canada Highway which is over 7,604 km.
  8. 1/10th of all the forests in the world reside in Canada.
  9. In fact, almost half the country is covered in forest.
  10. Almost 1 in 5 Canadians were born in a different country.
  11. Canada’s population density is only 3 people per square kilometer, making it the country with the 4th lowest density.
  12. The highest mountain in Canada is Mount Logan in the Yukon.
  13. The northernmost permanent settlement in the world is in Canada. It is a Alert, Nunavut.
  14. Ocean Falls, BC is the rainiest place in Canada with an average 330 days of rain per year.
  15. Estevan, Saskatchewan is reportedly the sunniest place in Canada with 2,537 hours of sunshine per year.
  16. 1/5th of Canada’s total land area resides in Nunavut.
  17. Just over 80% of all Canadians live in cities.
  18. The average Canadian is 40 years old.
  19. All letters addressed to Santa Claus are collected and responded to by Canada Post no matter where in the world you send them from.
  20. Areas around Hudson Bay have lower gravity than anywhere else in the world.
  21. Canadians eat 55% more Kraft Dinner than our American counterparts.
  22. Despite becoming a country in 1867, Canada didn’t adopt it’s own flag until almost 100 years later in 1965. Until then, we simply used the Union Flag.
  23. The official Canadian Head of State is Queen Elizabeth II.
  24. Newfoundland refused to join Canada in 1949 until the Canadian government decriminalized the sale of margarine.
  25. Daylight savings time doesn’t exist in Saskatchewan.

Golden Prairie Song

 Many years ago they say, ‘Long came the Hudson’s Bay,
Built their little forts along the rivers!
Those forts grew and grew,
And I’m telling you,
They’re still growing bigger and bigger.

Golden Prairie Land,
Grandest mountain land,
Sing for all you’re worth.
Sing ‘cause you’re proud of it,
Right out loud with it,
Finest country on earth.
Bright blue skies above,
Home towns we dearly love.
Sing with might and main.
Golden Prairie Land,
Grandest mountain land.
Sing it again and again!

Honor to the pioneers,
Heroes of bygone years,
Built their little shacks along the rivers!
They prepared the way,
So we find today,
We’re still growing bigger and bigger.


Come along a thousand fold,
Oil wells with liquid gold,
Gas and coal miners ‘long the rivers!
Pay us a friendly call,
Welcome one and all,
And help us grow bigger and bigger.


Saskatchewan Song

Saskatchewan, Saskatchewan,
There’s no place like Saskatchewan!
We sit and gaze across the plains,
And wonder why it never rains,
And Gabriel blows his trumpet sound,
He says, “The rain, she’s gone around.”

Saskatchewan, the land of snow,
Where winds are always on the blow,
And people sit with frozen toes,
And why we stay here, no-one knows.


Our pigs are dying on their feet,
Because they have no food to eat,
Our horses, though of bronco race,
Starvation stares them in the face.


The milk from cows has ceased to flow,
We had to ship ’em east, you know,
Our hens are old, they lay no eggs,
Our turkeys eat grasshopper legs.


But still we love Saskatchewan,
We’re proud to say we’re natives ones,
So count your blessings, drop by drop,
Next year we’ll have a bumper crop!


An Iroquois Lullaby

 Ho ho watanay
Ho ho watanay
Ho ho watanay
Ki yo ke na
Ki yo ke na

Farewell to Nova Scotia

So Farewell to Nova Scotia,
Your seabound coast,
Let your mountains dark and dreary be,
For when I am far away,
On the briny ocean tossed,
Will you ever heave a sigh or a wish for me?

The sun was setting in the west,
The birds were singing on every tree,
All nature seemed inclined to rest,
But still there was no rest for me.


I grieve to leave my native land,
I grieve to leave my comrades all,
And my parents whom I love so dear,
And the bonny bonny lass that I do adore.


The drums do beat and the wars do alarm,
The Captain calls we must obey,
So farewell, farewell to Nova Scotia’s charms,
For it’s early in the morning, I am far far away.


I have three brothers and they are at rest,
Their arms are folded on their breast,
While a poor simple sailor just like me,
Must be tossed and driven o’er the dark blue sea.


Island Hymn

 Fair Island of the sea,
We raise our song to thee,
The bright and the blest.

Loyally now we stand,
As brothers, hand in hand,
And sing God save the land,
We love the best.

Upon or princely Isle,
May kindest fortune smile,
In coming years.

Peace and prosperity,
In all her borders be,
From every evil free,
And weakling fears.

Prince Edward Isle, to thee
Our hearts shall faithful be,
Where’er we dwell.

Forever may we stand,
As brothers, hand in hand,
And sing God save the land,
We love so well.

The Land of New Brunswick

 If you want peace of mind, leave your worries far behind.
Won’t you come back with me to that land down by the sea?
Where the tall timbers, in the valleys green below,
Reaching up to the hills of New Brunswick.

With the sweet breath of springtime, the smell of new mown hay,
Leaves that turn to red and gold and snow on Christmas Day.
There is kindness to spare, you’ll be welcome to a share,
Of the love and the Land of New Brunswick.

Ode to Newfoundland

When sun rays crown thy pine clad hills,
And summer spreads her hand,
When silvern voices tune thy rills,
We love thee smiling land.

We love thee,
We love thee,
We love thee smiling land.

When spreads thy cloak of shimmering white,
At winter’s stern command,
Through shortened day and starlit night,
We love thee frozen land.

We love thee,
We love thee,
We love thee frozen land.

When blinding storm gusts fret thy shore,
And wild waves lash thy strand,
Through spin drift swirl and tempest roar,
We love thee windswept land.

We love thee,
We love thee,
We love thee windswept land.

As loved our fathers so we love,
Where once they stood we stand,
Their prayers we raise to heaven above,
God guard thee Newfoundland.

God guard thee,
God guard thee,
God guard thee Newfoundland.

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