Sing Ontario Sing!


I’m working on learning the 2016-2017 songs. They should be posted soon.
Update: I’m still learning the BC and North songs, but the rest of the sections are as complete as I am able to get them

sing ontario sing

Welcome to Sing Ontario Sing for the 2016-2017 year! And Happy Canada 150!
This year’s challenge is called “Singing Across Canada” and is designed to celebrate camp songs from across the country! This one has certainly been a challenge for me, as so many of the songs were new to me!

CLICK HERE to be taken to the requirements for this years crest on the official Guides Ontario website. I’ve listed the song list below by region, and linked all the songs available on My Virtual Songbook.

What is Sing Ontario Sing!?

For those of you unfamiliar, Sing Ontario Sing is an annual challenge put out to Guides to learn and sing certain Guiding songs to meet that year’s theme and requirements. Each year, the challenge is decided and put together by an Ontario unit, who decides the songs to choose from, the theme, and the requirements that must be met by each branch of Guiding to earn the crest. Sometimes even the crest is designed by the unit!

This annual challenge is much loved by units all over Ontario and challenges girls to learn new songs other than the favourites they like to sing in their units all the time.

The Song List 2016-2017

Atlantic Provinces

Opening Songs:
Newfoundland: Ode to Newfoundland
New Brunswick: Canadian Boat Song

Active Songs:
My Bonnie
Newfoundland: Squid-Jiggin’ Ground
Newfoundland: Swimming Hole (Swimming Pool)

Other Songs:
Backyard Song (I think they mean this song?)
Jack Was Every Inch a Sailor
Newfoundland: I’se the B’y
Newfoundland: Hole in my Bucket
Newfoundland: Donkey Riding
New Brunswick: The Land Of New Brunswick/La Terre du Nouveau Brunswick

Closing Songs:
Ballad of the Bluenose
PEI: Island Hymn
Newfoundland: Let Me Fish off Cape St. Marys
Nova Scotia: Farewell to Nova Scotia
Nova Scotia: Windows
New Brunswick: New Brunswick Grace (This is exactly the same as “The Land of New Brunswick“)

Central Provinces

Opening Songs:
Quebec: Au Clair de la Lune
Quebec: Frère Jacques

Active Songs:
Quebec: Alouette
Quebec: En Roulant Ma Boule

Other Songs:
Little Rabbit Foo Foo
Ontario: Land of the Silver Birch
Ontario: My Paddle (Canoe Song)
Ontario: Ontari-ari-ari-o
Ontario: Beaver song

Closing Songs:
An Iroquois Lullaby
Remember Me

Prairie Provinces

Opening Songs:
Manitoba: Come Along with Me
Saskatchewan : Saskatchewan Song

Active Songs:
Manitoba: Junior Birdsmen

Other Songs:
Old McDonalds
Woodsmoke Song
Ham and Eggs
Manitoba: Ain’t No Flies on Us
Manitoba: Itchy Flea (Flea Fly)
Alberta: Western Grace
Alberta: Alberta Hiking Song

Closing Songs:
Golden Prairie Song
Time with You
Saskatchewan: Dearest Friend
Alberta: The Happy Wanderer
Alberta: Listen to the Earth

British Columbia

Opening Songs:
Tall Trees
For this is British Columbia
I Like the Flowers

Active Songs:
Rain Song
Chinese Fan (My Shipped Sailed from China)

Other Songs:
Red River Valley
The Bear Song
It Rained (Campfire Activities page 124)

Closing Songs:
Creina Good Night

Northern Territories

Opening Songs:
NWT Guide Song

Active Songs:
40 Years on an Iceberg

Closing Songs:
Ooh Ka Lay La
Spirit of the North
Canada’s Far North
Yukon: Waltz of the Yukon

Happy singing and good luck!

  1. If you click on the linked songs, it will take you to the words. Unfortunately, I don’t know all of the songs, but I’ve linked the ones I do know.

  2. Cool but really why no words

  3. Thanks so much for letting me know! I didn’t know they had released the new one. I’ll update it now!

  4. penny waddington

    The image of the crest is outdated. Please see site for updated information.

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