History of the Site

History of My Virtual Songbook

I grew up through every branch, and have always loved to sing and learn campfire songs. My first songbook started as a messy pile of papers I kept in one spot on my desk that were both handwritten, typed, and recorded on CDs.

Having learnt tons of new songs after I attended Guiding Mosaic in 2006, my love for learning new songs grew. While my Guiders did have access to old and tattered songbooks, my time with them was short. I tried searching online for new songs, and discovered how difficult it was to find lyrics to songs I didn’t already know! And the ones I did find were very difficult to learn because I didn’t know the tune.

And as a result, I decided I would post online all the Girl Guide songs that I knew, and made videos to teach them to others using the recordings that I had. And that’s how, in 2007, my messy pile of papers became My Virtual Songbook.

The site was originally hosted on Blogger, as it was the platform I was most familiar with, and you can still visit it today, though the top post will direct you here. The site grew and changed as Blogger did, and went from a gigantic list of lyrics, to including a search bar and using tags to list songs by certain categories.

Since then, I have moved to WordPress, where I have discovered tons of new things to improve the site. It was time for an upgrade.

Slowly and carefully, I transferred all of the songs from the Blogger site, over to the new WordPress site, and reorganized them as I added new songs I had learned.

And that’s the blog you see today! I look forward to the new chapters ahead, hope we learn some new songs along the way!

Yours in Guiding,
Guider Amanda

… or Monkey Owl

… or Sparkles

… or the Loud One.



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