About the Guider


My name is Guider Amanda, I live in Southern Ontario, Canada, and I keep a songbook of all the songs I know online.
I currently attend Carleton University in Ottawa, studying journalism!

My favourite branch to work with is Guides, but I currently work with Sparks and Pathfinders.
I’ve been through every branch of Guiding in Canada.
I love to sing Guiding Songs, even though I’m absolutely terrible at singing.
I’ve been to two international camps, but they were both in my own country.

My favourite Spark badge is the Exploring and Experimenting badge.
My favourite Brownie badge is the Technology badges.
My favourite Guide badge is the Collector’s Badge. (I still have the collection I started to get this badge!)
My favourite part of Pathfinders is earning the Canada Cord.
My favourite part of Rangers is going on exciting adventures.

Besides Canada, my favourite country is England.
I love the British television show Doctor Who.
I’m kind of a geek.
My favourite school subjects are English and History.
I’m known for being the crazy one.
(I am slowly going crazy, 1 2 3 4 5 6, SWITCH!)

  1. I sing most of the songs for the lyrics videos, but there are a couple I have other versions of!

    I would credit them if I knew who they were! They were given to me on a blank CD by one of my Guiders ages ago so I don’t have any names!

    I think they were recorded to help teach campfire songs for Guiding Mosaic back in 2006… If anyone could help me solve the mystery, I’d be glad to credit them.

  2. Hi.

    I think you should give recognition to the people performing the songs in some of your lyric videos. They all worked hard to preform the songs

  3. Have you received permission for your lyric videos of other people singing? I am sure the people would like to have recognition for their hard work

  4. Hello Lynn. I’ve sent you an email. 🙂

  5. Hello Amanda – I am the Awards Chair for E-Guiding and would like to contact you. Your site is so helpful to Guiders!

  6. Hi Patricia!

    I’m glad you like the site! That was the exact reason I created it. All I was finding was sheet music and lyrics and no one to teach me the tune!

    That’s awesome! It sounds like you’re extremely busy!

    That’s a challenge I’m finding working in Ottawa as well, I have some francophone girls and no French songs to sing with them!

    Unfortunately, my French isn’t great so I don’t know a lot of French songs. I can do a bit of research where I typically find new stuff, but it might not be until December. I’m currently swamped with midterms and final papers!

    However, I would LOVE to learn some French songs and add them to my blog! I don’t know how well I’ll be able to sing them for videos… as I said, my French is limited, but I can try! I’m mostly concerned with fudging up the pronunciation. But if I find some, I can at least post the lyrics for sure.

    If you know someone with better French than me and I can get you the tune and lyrics, I’d love to put the videos together and post them, as well as learn the pronunciation better myself!

    Yours in Guiding,

  7. Patricia Tellis

    Hi Amanda

    What a great site! An amazing resource especially for when you want to learn new songs and are not good at reading music.

    I did Guiding as a girl in Ottawa but moved to Montreal many years ago for a job. I have been a Guider here since 1996 and have done everything from Brownies up to Pathfinders. I’ve also done 2 rounds as District Commissioner and many years as District/Area Camp Advisers. Currently I am a Brownie Guider and the Deputy Provincial Camp Adviser for Quebec.

    My co-Guiders and I face a new challenge this year with our Unit… we have many francophone girls! While the parents are keen to have their daughters learn English, we would like to have the girls feel more included by doing some French songs at campfire.

    Do you know of any good French campfire songs? Have you thought about adding French songs to your web site?

    I look forward to hearing from you!



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