About the Site


If you’re looking to

  • learn some new songs
  • learn about campfire singing
  • learn about Guides Own
  • learn about Sing Ontario Sing!
  • or find some awesome Guiding links

you’ve come to the right place! The menu across the top will help you navigate and find information about all of these things!

Remember, if you ever want to go back to the home page with all the songs, just click “My Virtual Songbook” at the top of the page.

This page is the ABOUT page, where you can learn about

  • how to use the site
  • the person who posts the songs (ME!)
  • and the history of the site

There’s also a page called the GUIDE, which lists all kinds of categories and ways you can search for songs!

The page CREATING CAMPFIRES teaches you how to create a list of songs to sing at a campfire, and gives you some examples of campfires for different branches.

GUIDES OWN is like the page about campfires, except it has information about how to create a Guides Own!

If you love to sing like me, you should definitely check out the page called SING ONTARIO SING! which is a challenge Ontario puts out each year to challenge you to learn new songs. You can even get a crest for completing it!

And finally, the LINKS page is where you can find tons of other amazing Guiding websites online!

There’s also a little sticker in the top right hand corner of the menu with the Youtube logo. If you click on it, it will take you to the Youtube page with all the Learn the Lyrics videos we’ve made so far! You can also find these on the pages with the song in question.

I hope you find what you’re looking for, and learn some new songs along the way!

Oh! And don’t forget to post a comment if you liked a song, or need more help!

About The Guider


My name is Guider Amanda, I live in Canada, and I keep a songbook of all the songs I know online.

My favourite branch to work with is Guides, but I currently work with both Pathfinders and Sparks.
I’ve been through every branch of Guiding in Canada.
I love to sing Guiding Songs, even though I’m absolutely terrible at singing.
I’ve been to two international camps, but they were both in my own country.

My favourite Spark badge is the Exploring and Experimenting badge.
My favourite Brownie badge is the Design Your Own Badge Badge.
My favourite Guide badge is the Collector’s Badge. (I still have the collection I started to get this badge!)
My favourite part of Pathfinders is earning the Canada Cord.
My favourite part of Rangers is going on exciting adventures.

Besides Canada, my favourite country is England.
I love the British television show Doctor Who.
I’m kind of a geek.
My favourite school subjects are English and History, but I study Journalism in Ottawa.
I’m known for being the crazy one.
(I am slowly going crazy, 1 2 3 4 5 6, SWITCH!)

History of My Virtual Songbook

I grew up through every branch, and have always loved to sing and learn campfire songs. My first songbook started as a messy pile of papers I kept in one spot on my desk that were both handwritten, typed, and recorded on CDs.

Having learnt tons of new songs after I attended Guiding Mosaic in 2006, my love for learning new songs grew. While my Guiders did have access to old and tattered songbooks, my time with them was short. I tried searching online for new songs, and discovered how difficult it was to find lyrics to songs I didn’t already know! And the ones I did find were very difficult to learn because I didn’t know the tune.

And as a result, I decided I would post online all the Girl Guide songs that I knew, and made videos to teach them to others using the recordings that I had. And that’s how, in 2007, my messy pile of papers became My Virtual Songbook.

The site was originally hosted on Blogger, as it was the platform I was most familiar with, and you can still visit it today, though the top post will direct you here. The site grew and changed as Blogger did, and went from a gigantic list of lyrics, to including a search bar and using tags to list songs by certain categories.

Since then, I have moved to WordPress, where I have discovered tons of new things to improve the site. It was time for an upgrade.

Slowly and carefully, I transferred all of the songs from the Blogger site, over to the new WordPress site, and reorganized them as I added new songs I had learned.

And that’s the blog you see today! I look forward to the new chapters ahead, hope we learn some new songs along the way!

Yours in Guiding,
Guider Amanda

… or Monkey Owl

… or Sparkles

… or the Loud One.


  1. No problem at all!

    Thank YOU!

    Your site looks awesome and good luck with your Spark unit! It’s my first year working with Pathfinders myself.

  2. Hi Guider Amanda;

    I have added a link to your blog on mine since I have found this to be a big help this year, I hope you don’t mind.
    here is the link http://myguidingideasbook.wordpress.com/music-2/

    Thank you;
    Kerri Hallman

  3. YAY! I’m glad you’re celebrating Canada Day! Sorry for the late reply.

    Really? That would be amazing! I’d love to learn some new songs! Hopefully there’s lots here for you to use for your campfire!

    Sing Ontario Sing badges have to be ordered from Guides Ontario, I actually don’t have any myself: https://guidesontario.org/index.php/parents/shop

    I’m not 100% sure how it would be best to order them from outside Ontario, but I can look into it for you if you like.

    Best of luck!

  4. Gemma Clark

    Hi! I have just come across your website whilst trying to decide what to do at Guides this week! I am a Guide leader in England (a small town in North Yorkshire!) and this week we are of course, celebrating Canada Day! (as well as July 4th and the Tanabata Star festival!) I think next for our final week before the Summer Holidays we will be definitely having an indoor campfire! I am completely tone deaf but do have lots of songs I would love to share with you! I will try find some one who can sing and record them for you! 🙂 Are there any of the Sing Ontario Sing badges left? I was thinking for next term, we could do some badges from around the world – and learning new ones for a campfire sounds perfect! I think my unit will have grown to 16 by September?

    Yours in Guiding,

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