The Penguin Song

Actions are written in brackets (-) next to each line.

The lines in the last verse are added each time the song is repeated, starting with “Right flipper!” then repeating and singing “Right flipper! Left flipper!” etc. until you reach the end. The actions are done simultaneously¬†for the last verse each time you add a new action.

Have you ever seen, (point to eyes)
A penguin come to tea? (mimic drinking tea with your pinkie up)
Take a look at me, (point to self)
A penguin you will see.

Penguins attention! (jump to attention)
Penguin salute! (salute)

Right flipper! (flop your right arm at your side)
Left flipper! (flop your left arm at your side)
Right foot! (swing right foot out the side and back in)
Left foot! (swing left foot out to the side and back in so you waddle in place)
Bum out! (bend over so your bum sticks out)
Chin Up! (raise your chin to the sky)


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