Canadian Fun Facts for Sing Ontario Sing 2017-2018

Part of this year’s Sing Ontario Sing challenge includes researching and sharing fun facts about Canada. And seeing as the Canadian Guider issue referenced on the Guides Ontario website for this isn’t available online anywhere, I thought I’d make a list to make this process easier.

  1. Canada is the second largest country in the world. The first is Russia.
  2. Ottawa is the second coldest national capital in the world.
  3. The highest tides in the world occur in the Bay of Fundy in New Brunswick.
  4. Canada has the longest coastline of any country in the world at 243,977 km.
  5. We also share the longest international border of any country with the USA. It is also the world’s longest “unprotected” border.
  6. Montreal is the second largest French speaking city.
  7. The longest highway in the world is the Trans-Canada Highway which is over 7,604 km.
  8. 1/10th of all the forests in the world reside in Canada.
  9. In fact, almost half the country is covered in forest.
  10. Almost 1 in 5 Canadians were born in a different country.
  11. Canada’s population density is only 3 people per square kilometer, making it the country with the 4th lowest density.
  12. The highest mountain in Canada is Mount Logan in the Yukon.
  13. The northernmost permanent settlement in the world is in Canada. It is a Alert, Nunavut.
  14. Ocean Falls, BC is the rainiest place in Canada with an average 330 days of rain per year.
  15. Estevan, Saskatchewan is reportedly the sunniest place in Canada with 2,537 hours of sunshine per year.
  16. 1/5th of Canada’s total land area resides in Nunavut.
  17. Just over 80% of all Canadians live in cities.
  18. The average Canadian is 40 years old.
  19. All letters addressed to Santa Claus are collected and responded to by Canada Post no matter where in the world you send them from.
  20. Areas around Hudson Bay have lower gravity than anywhere else in the world.
  21. Canadians eat 55% more Kraft Dinner than our American counterparts.
  22. Despite becoming a country in 1867, Canada didn’t adopt it’s own flag until almost 100 years later in 1965. Until then, we simply used the Union Flag.
  23. The official Canadian Head of State is Queen Elizabeth II.
  24. Newfoundland refused to join Canada in 1949 until the Canadian government decriminalized the sale of margarine.
  25. Daylight savings time doesn’t exist in Saskatchewan.

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