The Pirate Song

This song is sung by changing the rhyme each time. It is traditionally sung to the age of 10, but can go as high as however many participants you have. Each participant can be in change of coming up with a rhyme for each number and can be pointed to when it is their turn for their rhyme. 1 is used as the example here, but would increase each time it is sung.

This song also has a few actions. For north, south, east, west, you tap your toe out in each of the cardinal directions. When you sing “up the Irish sea!” you raise your leg and clap underneath of it.

Singing this with Sparks: I will add additional actions to this, marching on the spot for “the day I went to sea,” pretending to climb a ladder for “I climbed aboard,” and saluting for “the captain.” Sparks also struggle with the foot movements for the cardinal directions, so I usually clap in the cardinal directions instead, and then under the leg for “up the Irish Sea.”

When I was 1 I sucked my thumb,
The day I went to sea!
I climbed aboard a pirate ship,
The captain said to me,
We’re going North, South, East, West,
And up the Irish sea!
A bottle of rum to warm my tum, (or a stick of gum to fill my tum)
And that’s the life for me!

Sample Rhymes

When I was 1, I sucked my thumb.
When I was 2, I tied my shoes.
When I was 3, I fell from a tree.
When I was 4, I sailed once more.
When I was 5, I took a dive.
When I was 6, I played some tricks.
When I was 7, I went to heaven.
When I was 8, I filled my plate.
When I was 9, I found a dime!
When I was 10, I started again!


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  1. For the actions:

    When I was 1 (hold up one finger), “I sucked my thumb”
    Before I went to sea (wave arm in front like waves on the sea)
    I climbed the ladder up the ship (climb the ladder)
    And the captain said to me (salute on captain)
    We’re going north, south, east, west (move foot like following compass)
    and Up the Irish sea (kick leg up in front of you)
    A bottle of rum to warm my tum (pretend to drink (make fist stick out thumb and pinky and “drink”) then rub belly when warming tum)
    A pirates life for me
    Arrhhhhh (pump fist sideways across body)

  2. Interesting, I know very different words…

    When I was 1 I sucked my thumb,
    Going over the sea!
    I jumped aboard a pirate ship,
    The pirate said to me,
    Going over, going under
    Stand at attention
    Like a soldier
    With the one, two, three

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