Disco Frog

This game is a variation of Wink Murder.

The players sit in a circle and one player is selected to be the detective. They leave the room or playing area so they can not see or hear the next proceedings. Then a “disco frog” (the equivalent of the murderer in Wink Murder) is chosen and the detective is called back to the circle. The “disco frog” then sticks out their tongue at other players when the detective isn’t looking. If a player sees the “disco frog” stick their tongue out at them, then that player has to stand up and do the disco, then pass out from sheer exhaustion of doing the disco (the equivalent of a murder in Wink Murder). The detective’s job is to figure out who the “disco frog” is before all the players pass out. The detective has three guesses.

When the game ends (either with the detective guessing correctly, or running out of guesses), then the disco frog becomes the detective and a new disco frog is selected.


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