40 Days on an Iceberg

Actions for each line of this song are in brackets ( ) below each line.

Forty days on an iceberg,
(flash ten fingers 4 times)
over the ocean blue.
(mimick waves with your hands)
Nothing to wear but pajamas,
(pull on PJ bottoms)
nothing to do but slide.
(mimick a slide with your hands)
The air was cold and frosty,
(shiver with arms crossed over your chest)
the frost began to bite.
(Gently pinch your arms)
I had to hug a polar bear,
to keep me warm at night!
(Hug the person next to you)

Similar to “Swimming, Swimming, in the swimming pool,” this song losses a line each time you sing it again, humming in the place of the line you remove.

In another version of this song, you get progressively louder each time it’s sung, and hug more polar bears each time. This variation goes like this:

Forty years on an iceberg,
(flash hands 4 times)
Bobbing along with the tide,
(bob up and down)
Nothing to wear but pajamas,
(pull on pajamas)
Nothing to do but slide,
(stomp forward and swoosh down your leg)
The weather’s getting colder,
(rub your arms)
The frost beginning to bite,
(swing your arm around and loudly clap your other hand)
I think I better go out,
(thumb point behind you)
And hug ____ polar bears tonight.
(hug that many polar bears)

The song ends when you hug 0 polar bears.


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